Don’t get stung by weak security.  Protect your environment with your own WASP.

Leveraging our years of experience in protecting IT from threats of all kinds, we’ve created a platform comprised of best-of-breed tools that we’ve found to be effective against today’s common security threats.  WASP is a comprehensive platform that protects your organization’s data through all layers of IT. Starting at the endpoint going all the way through to the server and firewall, we’ve hand selected the best tools.  Other companies promises of an all-in-one security solution often fall short when scaling across all the platforms that exist in your environment; what works well at the server level is not adequate at the endpoint -and a tool that works from a particular vendor works well on the server it might not work on a mobile device.  We’ve found the right combination and bundled it as a single platform: Wekos Advanced Security Platform

  • Endpoint  Protection – powered by Comodo provides active profalactics to attacks at the pc
  • Testing- How secure are your defenses? We check them regularly with ongoing security tests
  • SIEM – leveraging  Overwatch Stellar Cyber platform to catch bad actors on the wire
  • Backup – the ultimate fail-safe against ransomware breaches 
  • Managed Security – SOC available 24×7 to monitor evens and take action
  • Darkweb – Darkweb monitoring helps identify information leaks and helps us plug them before they become a breach