Getting left behind on outdated on-premises software and hardware is a very real threat. Without access to the next generation of services to compete with modern organizations, you’re risking the future of your company. Working with us ensures full clarity and maximum benefits when transitioning over to the cloud. Together, we can harness the possibilities of cloud services and use them to make real transformations to your organization.


Cloud services give you full control. Add and remove seats from services at will. As your company evolves and grows, so too does your cloud.


Use the cloud to transform company collaboration. Together with open communication, you’ll be more productive than ever before.


Remove the need for complex server management and application hosting. Make it easy on yourself – pay money, get fully functional cloud services.

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Cloud Technology
"The average business runs 38% of workloads in public and 41% in private cloud"
Source: RightScale

Private and Shared Cloud

Whether you need a lot or a little, wekos has a pay as you go cloud solution for you. Private cloud for when you need guaranteed performance, and shared cloud for when you are looking for an economical solution to running your workloads. Choose from your choice of dedicated storage for performance, shared storage for value, or a combination of both. Dynamically upgrade Memory and CPU resources and move workloads from shared to private when the time comes.

Make the Switch to IaaS

With IaaS (infrastructure-as-a-service), your business now drives toward your goals, using technology to get you there. We own the hardware and you pay a fixed monthly fee for use – we take care of the management and upkeep.  Suitable for high-demand workloads and always-on computing. IaaS cloud services with wekos are custom designed to your needs giving you the freedom to focus on what you do best: running your business.

"By 2021, the cloud service market which includes its storage, hosting, and computing will be $163 billion"
Source: Forbes
ip telephony
"VoIP saves businesses an average of 32 call minutes daily"
Source: Cisco

Cloud IP Telephony

Cloud Telephony from wekos is a fully managed cloud-based solution that offers advanced unified communications customized to fit your organization’s needs. Scalable solution that improves productivity and provides a flexible, cost-effective pay-as-you-go feature to fit any budget.

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