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We Are IT People

We are committed to serving people, and we are not satisfied until your IT needs are met flawlessly. We provide customers with the confidence that we understood their situation and that we’re an ally during their greatest time of need. Partnering with wekos guarantees expert IT knowledge from professionals who are committed to your business success.

The Leadership Team


Henry Feusi​

Managing Partner

Henry is a technical oriented professional working in computer network and systems with a specialty in UNIX based distributed systems, for over thirty years. Leveraging his out-of-box thinking, team building, leadership and collaboration, he has developed expertise introducing new technologies and systems that support changing business needs and requirements. Henry’s core is in the field of electrical engineering with a focus on computer and network systems.services and innovative technology solutions.


Cosmo Gazzani

Director of Business Development

Cosmo is a results driven professional with over 35 years of work experience in technology. Having spent many years in both customer and service provider roles, Cosmo has a knack for solving complex customer requirements. Cosmo is responsible for leading the account and channel management team and to build awareness about our unique capabilities among prospective clients and partners. As an advocate of the company’s vision Cosmo creates a balance between business objectives, customer satisfaction and employee care.

Greg Tellone

Gregory Tellone​

Managing Partner

Gregory is a well-known disaster recovery expert in the New York area, whose illustrious career spans over twenty years in the Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BC/DR) field. A self-confessed “recovery geek”, Gregory is a thought leader in all things disaster recovery. He has focused his extensive expertise on delivering a new approach to recovery for businesses of all sizes.

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